Kitchen cleaning methods and procedures

&Nbsp;   the corrosive detergents are more or less certain.
&Nbsp;   1. avoid direct contact with the countertop hot pots, Water Kettle, the best placed on the pot rack.
&Nbsp;   2. avoid using sharp objects struck area, door to avoid scratches.
&Nbsp;   3. avoid soy sauce bottles and other objects placed directly on the table.
&Nbsp;   4. to avoid water stains remain on the table for a long time.
&Nbsp;   5. table joints in water, cook meals should be clear in time, avoid prolonged soaking.
&Nbsp;   laminate door panel: it's very easy to maintain, as long as the mess with a damp cloth and a mild cleansing solution (multi-purpose diluent, which are available in the market) wipe, you can keep it clean. Sheet: easy touch oil, easy to clean, the surface material is actually a layer of PVC plastic. Add detergent to wipe off with a rag. Beijing cleaning company teaches you how to paint door cleaning cleaning water: new bright is compelling, but due to poor environment in the kitchen, scrubbed after a period of time after use, paint surface easier to wear, yellowing of the poor-quality possible. Paint door with thin clean cloth dampened with a mild cleaning solution (such as furniture cleaner) cleans, avoid contact with sharp object scratched. Slight scratches on furniture cleaner can also be used. Solid wood door: avoid close to heat source, power supply, water supply, avoiding direct sunlight; do not touch oil, benzene, acetone and other organic solvents; indoor air is dry, place bonsai indoors, adjust indoor relative humidity with pure cotton cloth to clean, equipped with brush and watercolor brushes clean carving seam. Solid wood door best clean with furniture wax.
&Nbsp;   1. cabinets under the bearing capacity of the Cabinet as well, so the weights are best in the next Cabinet.
&Nbsp;   2. don't come into contact with chemicals, volatile chemicals, do not store in enclosure to avoid sheet metal color and metal parts corrode.
&Nbsp;   3. installing Crystal dust at the corners of the Cabinet corner, can end up dead ends for easy cleaning.
&Nbsp;   Cabinet usually needs only half a wet cloth to wipe, if there is dirty, you can consider using SOAP and water or a neutral detergent, wipe with a damp cloth. After you wipe, wipe with a clean damp cloth to prevent detergent residue on the Cabinet.
&Nbsp;   1. avoidance of salt, sugar, soy sauce, vinegar and other spices poured directly on the hardware, accidentally occurs, immediately wipe clean.
&Nbsp;   2. last door hinge using a 3 month oil, open/free, and avoid wet and rusting.
&Nbsp;   3. open/close drawer, avoid excessive force to prevent sliding out hit.
&Nbsp;   4. soaring on blue, go blue and other large metal, its rotation in the tensile direction, avoid using try.
&Nbsp;   5. handles do not hang weights or wet, such as loose screws adjustable.
&Nbsp;   6. when hardware failure, it shall promptly inform the maintenance personnel to repair.
&Nbsp;   1. avoid outdoor to the Cabinet as a whole or part of the long time exposure, it is best to avoid sunlight exposure in places, or separated by transparent Voile Curtains direct sunlight.
&Nbsp;   2. solid wood cabinets there must be carefully selected light wax, must not contain chemical ingredients of inferior products.
&Nbsp;   3. at home when the rainy season if the kitchen doors and Windows must remember! So as not to wet the kitchen.
&Nbsp;   4. maintain sewers unobstructed to prevent jams if blocked, please company dredge.
&Nbsp;   5. stagnant water on the kitchen floor, must be timely clear, dry.
&Nbsp;   6. keep leftovers in trash, the day must fall, so as to avoid long, introduction of cockroaches.
&Nbsp;   7. solid wood cabinets, wax remember playing twice a year. Feeling brand new cabinets. Good brands are generally free, feel free to play without worrying about cost.