Floor cleaning

&Nbsp;   cleaning specifications and operations on the ground:
&Nbsp;   soft-hard surface (marble, granite, ceramic tile, concrete, mosaic, wood flooring), such as disinfecting cleaning, remove all stains from the ground, then vinegar polished professional handling, foul ground quickly restored bright and clean.
&Nbsp;   using tools and materials:
&Nbsp;   washing machine, nylon brush, suction machine, a MOP, a bucket.
&Nbsp;   agent: weak or neutral detergent.
&Nbsp;   how to: 1 dilution of cleaning fluid into the washing machine, the boot operation, from behind forward, walking in a straight line, so as to avoid missing. Start absorbing water machine at 2, scrub, scrub side suction sewage, where the washing machine doesn't wash to wring MOP Foaming Cleanser available scrub. 3, wash again with detergent dry ground after sewage, according to the same with water to wash it again, sucking up water to complete. 4, note: clean the ground the prohibition of the use of acid detergent and powdered detergents, otherwise it will damage stone surfaces and corrosion, avoid friction of rough ground, so as to avoid a permanent stone surface scratches. 5, standard: clean and bright, no stains, no marking