Wall cleaning

&Nbsp;   first of all, welcome to our website we always adhere to: "honesty, hard work," style of work, service to households.
&Nbsp;   (a) glass, cleaning procedure from outside to inside, from the top down, from difficult to easy.
&Nbsp;   second, the period of construction, and construction time and personnel according to the actual situation may be.
&Nbsp;   third, the construction site requirements (1) given the particularities of cleaning work, throughout the scene must have been renovated or have effective measures to protect the places that have been cleaning is not affected.
&Nbsp;   (2) there shall be no miscellaneous personnel access to the construction site, entering the site must have been after the owners agreed to provide special shoes and wear a housekeeper cleaning company may be entered.
&Nbsp;   four, cleaning the standard frame, sliding track without stains, watermarks, dust glass smooth transparent, no fuzzy or watermarks.
&Nbsp;   v, no guarantee (1) double glazing stains, dust and many other things are not cleaning within the scope of work is not a housekeeper cleaning company can guarantee it.
&Nbsp;   (2) cleaning, hand in hand under the prerequisite of ensuring the safety of employees needed to exhaust all measures are not capable of cleaning targets, housekeeper cleaning company is not responsible.
&Nbsp;  , construction of six water, specialty glass, glass blade, Blade, glass cleaner, new dishtowels, in addition to gum, polishes, new dishtowels.
&Nbsp;   seven, acceptance criteria, borders, glass sliding track: no dust, no watermark, bright and transparent.
&Nbsp;   eight, notes (1) when the glass down not too fast, so as not to leak, watermark, effect of cleaning effect.
&Nbsp;   (2) 4-level wind weather should not be the job.
&Nbsp;   (3) on 2 floor's glass operations must use seat belts.
&Nbsp;  , in charge of acceptance of every aspect of a job have a housekeeper cleaning cleaning head is responsible for supervision, inspection, and construction site cleaning for on-site monitoring of the Department as a whole and the work that has been completed is a very detailed inspection, disadvantages resolved on the spot, to achieve the best standards.
&Nbsp;   ten contact customers after the charge acceptance, customer acceptance, customer acceptance was accompanied by the appointed time, for those that are not qualified rework on the spot until it reaches the customer's satisfaction.
&Nbsp;   11, check out customer after acceptance, customers with by a housekeeper cleaning company opened a formal invoice with cash or check, please put forward valuable opinions and suggestions on our work.
&Nbsp;   company to keep credibility and quality for the purpose. Benefits to customers for the best interest of the service committed to providing you with the highest quality service.