Wasteland cleaning tools and functions

&Nbsp;   a, and property cleaning service project clean work is property management in the a items vital of work, professional Dalian cleaning company while can for owners provides security comfortable, and clean of Office environment, on the on property of public environment, and public facilities equipment do regularly of clean, and maintenance and maintenance, to keep its normal of using function and extended its using life, to reached makes property hedge value-added of purpose.
&Nbsp;  , common equipment and cleaning agents (a) equipment:
&Nbsp;   1, vacuum cleaner. For suction of dust, dirt, dust, vacuum the carpet on the ground dust, dirt, cleaning furniture, such as different types of vacuum cleaners.
&Nbsp;   2, absorbing water machine. For surface polishing, and also very effective for absorbing carpet moisture and speed drying.
&Nbsp;   3, carpet cleaning machines. Mainly used for assisting the carpet.
&Nbsp;   4, polishing machine. For floor polishing, for larger buildings, particularly necessary.
&Nbsp;   in addition common tools are: a ladder, brushes, brooms, mops, sponges, watering cans, plastic gloves, blades, carefully sliding the hand brush with a long handle, trolley and symbols.
&Nbsp;   (b) medicaments:
&Nbsp;   1, scouring powder. For stains, stains.
&Nbsp;   2, toilet properly. To clean the stain on the ceramic products.
&Nbsp;   3, wax. For removal of marble floors, old wax stains on the wall.
&Nbsp;   4, cast wax-free. For surfaces such as marble wax maintenance.
&Nbsp;   5, glass cleaner. Used for cleaning glass, mirrors, tiles and electroplating and surface of dust and dirt.
&Nbsp;   6, days that water. Used to dissolve, dilute the paint.
&Nbsp;   7, carpet cleaner. For cleaning of stains on the carpet.
&Nbsp;   8, stainless steel cleaning agent. Products for cleaning stainless steel surfaces stain.
&Nbsp;   II, personnel arrangements and arrangements for the cleaning duties of cleaning jobs, generally should be the use of the property (such as office buildings, shopping malls or hotels), size, and other factors to determine in General shopping malls or hotel cleaning jobs and personnel should be more. Basic position is as follows:
&Nbsp;   Site Manager, foreman, interior posts and cleaning personnel, outside set up cleaning, mobile cleaning personnel, and so on.
&Nbsp;   (a) duties of the indoor cleaning:
&Nbsp;   (1) Office of each layer is responsible for property lifts, walkways, staircases and other common areas cleaning of floors, walls, ceiling.
&Nbsp;   (2) is responsible for the property in the letter box for, well crossing, pipeline cleaning work, fire hydrants, and other public facilities.
&Nbsp;   (3) is responsible for the property within a public restroom cleaning job.
&Nbsp;   (4), is responsible for the basement, roof, transform, layer of clean and bright and dark ditch dredging cleanup.
&Nbsp;   (5) to discourage the user acts in violation of clean management, correct.
&Nbsp;   (6) other works assigned by superior.
&Nbsp;   (b) the duties of the outdoor cleaning:
&Nbsp;   (1), is responsible for the property within the red line road, green belt and other public areas cleaning work on the ground.
&Nbsp;   (2) is responsible for the property surrounding walls, curtain walls, streetlights, billboards, sculpture and vent cleaning job.
&Nbsp;   (3) regular outdoor, rain sewage manholes and pipes and septic tanks submersible dredge.
&Nbsp;   (4), is responsible for the outdoor exposed pipelines and mounted a public facility looks clean.
&Nbsp;   (5) outdoor trash can, trash house cleaning, cleaning and disinfection work.
&Nbsp;   (6) on the area of violations of clean management provisions to discourage the behavior and correct.
&Nbsp;   (7) other works assigned by superior.