Basic operation cleaning company workers

&Nbsp;   1, sweeping, mopping: sweeping, broom, ash bucket in one hand and sweep into the hopper Interior; drag, drag back, flooring, tile texture to stop washing, dragging and dragging each 3m2 stop washing mops.
&Nbsp;   2, fi: converted into 8, usable 16.
&Nbsp;   3, Clean Desk: depending on the type of desk is equipped with different detergents, using BI-Rachel Wood, furniture wax along the fringe stopped cleaning. Beijing cleaning company cleans the sofa specifications and operation 4, stainless steel products clean cleaning company in Dalian: prepare two towels and stainless steel water, first with a dry towel to dust above, water sprayed on a towel on stainless steel, down stripes stop wipe. (Don't rub).
&Nbsp;   5, and Dalian cleaning company glass door of clean: ① with coated water device soaked dip has clean agent of water by block on glass door stop scrub; II each block scrub Hou actual using glass blade from Shang to Xia scraping to glass Shang of remaining clean agent; ③ glass blade each scraping once actual using half wet and dry towel on blade film stop wipe, to wipe to blade film Shang of clean agent, then again stop Xia once workers; II cleaning workers completed Hou should will props put back specified locations.
&Nbsp;   6, copper cleaner: prepare two towels and its agent. ① first with a dry towel to dust off the second spray copper on a towel along the fringe stopped wiping (do not spray too much, don't touch the water).
&Nbsp;   7, and public ash Cup of clean: ① will ash Cup within cigarette picked up out, again will stone pour screen network within stop ash Cup of clean, wash NET wipe dry Hou for Shang clean of stone meters; II will screen network in the of stone immersion water in the stop turned wash to wash to ash; ③ will wash to ash of stone into clean with barrels, joined clean agent or drift whitewater stop repeatedly rub; II will wash good of stone Sun Yu specified locations, dried Hou timely recovered put Yu specified locations, for Hou with.
&Nbsp;   8, hand-wash basins and clean: the towel stained with clean and bright stop clean hand-wash basins, using clean and bright clean at least once every day, and then stops at the rinse cleaning, material are particularly difficult to remove stains wipe clean with a scouring pad carefully, last stop clear wipe with a towel.
&Nbsp;   9, toilet cleaning: first into the toilet water to stop scrubbing, to wash away the stain on the toilet, and then stops at the rinse clean.
&Nbsp;   10, toilet cleaning: first into the toilet water to stop brushing. Then stop cleaning with water and finally dry toilets around the water with a towel.
&Nbsp;   11, and garbage of collection: each day early, and late the collection garbage once, floors collection garbage Shi, selected suitable of time and channel, only application freight elevator or fire elevator, not application guest ladder, and avoid and customer with took a trip elevator; omnipotent will garbage scattered in stairs, and floor surface or road Shang; dumping garbage Hou, water or clean props will the temporary costumes garbage of container cleaning clean, again will garbage bags sets Shang; garbage car with finished Hou to stop cleaning, Then put them back in place.