About Us
&Nbsp;   Qingdao Ansett cleaning limited company was founded in 2008, is a collection of cleaning, stone conservation of integrated services and professional service combined with the cleaning service company. Company staff's unremitting efforts and hard work, has accumulated a wealth of practical experience.
&Nbsp;   This company is a has various cleaning technology, Qingdao cleaning, and Qingdao cleaning company, and Qingdao cleaning, and Qingdao cleaning company, and Qingdao carpet cleaning, and Qingdao stone refurbished, and Qingdao stone conservation, and Qingdao smoke road cleaning, and Qingdao outside wall cleaning, and Qingdao tank cleaning, and Qingdao wasteland cleaning company, and Qingdao advertising brand cleaning, and Qingdao carpet cleaning company, and Qingdao outside wall cleaning company, and Qingdao smoke road cleaning company, practice experience rich of professionals of service enterprise. Company management personnel and technical backbone of a five-star hotel and large scale training, has five-star hotels and the large property management skills and qualities for the majority of home users and businesses with the most intimate of personal cleaning service and breakfast.
&Nbsp;   We have the spirit of "good faith to the letter, warm service" principle of service, in order to give the new and old customers to provide a better working, learning and living environment, we introduced a multi-function washing machine, vacuums absorbing water machine, carpet cleaning, waxing and polishing machine and other specialized equipment, and strive to develop pragmatic, service excellence.